5KVA Isolation Transformer 1 Phase Litanda Copper Wire 100% Anti-Shock Insulation

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  • Genuine goods manufactured at Litanda Vietnam Joint Stock Company.
  • Commit 100% copper wire, enough capacity.
  • Warranty 4 years.
  • The machine runs smoothly, stably, and saves electricity.
  • Free ship.
  • Price does not include VAT.
  • Hotline: 0986.203.203.
  • Call now for the best quote.
The 5KVA 1 Phase Litanda Isolation Transformer has an anti-shock insulation function, which helps to ensure safety when used or accidentally plugged into the power source. The product is used by many weak families, especially families with young children. In addition, the machine is fully integrated with 4 output sources 220V/120V/110V/100V used for all imported electrical equipment.

Isolation Transformer 5KVA Litanda 100% Copper Wire.

Compared with autotransformers, the isolating type is more expensive. However, it has anti-shock and anti-interference features. Litanda toroidal isolation transformer has many advantages over conventional R core, C core or EI transformers. Such as large capacity, stability, durability, to no-load current, energy saving…

Features Of The Isolating Transformer Litanda.

+ Any point on the secondary coil (low voltage coil) has a potential difference of zero compared to ground. So we do not get electric shock when touching low voltage or equipment housing.

+ The primary and secondary winding(s) have different Volt-ampère characteristics.

+ The efficiency of work transfer (transfer of energy or information) between the primary and secondary windings is determined by the mutual inductance.

+ Isolation transformer, low impedance. Use a special electrostatic screen between the primary and secondary layers to filter out noise. The aluminum housing absorbs and suppresses RF waves. The universal double socket uses 24K silver or gold plated elastomer copper to reduce contact impedance.

+ In addition to helping your audio-visual equipment bring into play all its advantages, eliminating all disadvantages, the power supply also ensures absolute safety for your expensive devices thanks to the main sophisticatedly designed control circuit. corpse. Make sure the output voltage is always stable.

However, the limitation of the 220v 110v isolation transformer is that the output voltage will vary according to the input voltage. Therefore, isolation transformers will not be used in areas where voltage drift is abnormal.

In case of unstable voltage, customers should use more voltage stabilizers. Helps ensure stable output voltage at extremely low voltage areas for all devices.

Litanda 5KVA Isolation Transformer Specifications.

  • Material: 100% copper wire
  • Input voltage 220V 1 phase
  • Output voltage: 220V/120V/110V/100V 1 phase
  • Frequency: 49 to 62 HZ
  • Capacity from 500VA to 5KVA
  • Ambient Temperature: -5 Degree Celsius to +40 Degree Celsius
  • Design: Industrial design
  • Insulation strength: Greater than 3M at DC voltage 500V
  • Electrical endurance: Tested at 2000V within 60 Minutes OK

Price Of Isolation Transformer 5KVA Litanda.

We are proud to be a supplier of high quality genuine isolating transformers! Our commitment is that the cheapest price in the market today is not cheaper. Unless you buy a fake fake, or a cheaper used machine!

Isolation Transformer 5KVA Litanda 100% Copper Wire.

Litanda 5KVA isolation transformer is manufactured on advanced technology lines. Strict quality control, experienced technicians and KCS team!

The machine is committed to 100% copper wire, for good performance, high durability! The product warranty period is up to 4 years. Currently, our 5KVA Litanda isolation transformer price is VND 6,200,000 discounted. Price does not include VAT.

Selling 5KVA Isolation Transformer In Hanoi.

Litanda Vietnam Joint Stock Company is currently one of the leading manufacturers of voltage stabilizers and transformers in Vietnam. Products of Litanda Vietnam are highly appreciated by customers for both quality and price.

The company is a major partner supplying voltage stabilizers and transformers for many large industrial zones in the North such as Khai Quang, Que Vo, Tien Son, VSIP, Yen Binh, An Xa, Dai An…

We always wish to open a wide dealer network across the country. With the aim of helping customers easily access quality products.

Please watch the video of the genuine Litanda 10KVA isolation transformer with 100% copper wire used a lot:

Reasons to Choose Products Litanda Vietnam.

⭐️100% copper wire✅ The product is manufactured with 100% copper wire, with high durability, quiet running, and energy saving.
⭐️ Genuine commitment ✅ Genuine, 100% new, original belt. Do not sell fake, imitation goods, poor quality goods.
⭐️ Careful warrantye✅ 4-year warranty, renewal in the first 1 year.
⭐️ Installation Support✅ Support for installation with large capacity machines ☞ Receive tenders for large projects at home and abroad.
⭐️ Nationwide shipping✅ Free shipping nationwide, receive goods first, pay later.
️⭐️ Made to order✅ Produce other machine models according to requirements.

For advice, support and order, please contact the address below:

Litanda Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

No. 629 Phuc Dien – Nam Tu Liem – Hanoi.

No. 629 Truong Trinh – Tan Phu – City. Ho Chi Minh.

Hotline: 0969.203.203.

Website: nhatlinhlioa.com

Email: vietnamlitanda@gmail.com.

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      5KVA Isolation Transformer 1 Phase Litanda Copper Wire 100% Anti-Shock Insulation

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