Newest And Best Price Litanda 50KVA 3 Phase Transformer 2022.

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  • Genuine goods manufactured at Litanda Vietnam Joint Stock Company.
  • Commit 100% copper wire, enough capacity.
  • Warranty 4 years.
  • The machine runs smoothly, stably, and saves electricity.
  • Free ship.
  • Price does not include VAT.
  • Hotline: 0986.203.203.
  • Call now for the best quote.

Litanda 50KVA 3 Phase Transformer Of Litanda Vietnam Joint Stock Company is made of 100% imported copper wire, runs smoothly, withstands large loads, saves electricity, has a 4-year warranty. Currently, the company has both isolation transformers and autotransformers depending on the needs of customers.

Transformer 50KVA 3 Phase Litanda.

50KVA 3 Phase Transformer is a 3-phase power converter with small capacity, used for factories, enterprises, companies… Especially in industrial zones, where many foreign-invested enterprises are concentrated. (FDI).

NEW Litanda 50KVA 3 Phase Auto Transformer.

The only function of the  50KVA Litanda autotransformer is to convert the 3-phase low voltage source. When supplying 380V/3F input, the output can take out 220V/3F or 200V/3F. Depends on the device voltage standard to use.

Currently, in Vietnam, there are many foreign-invested companies, factories and enterprises. Here are used equipment and machinery originating from abroad. Therefore, the installation of a 3-phase converter transformer is a must for the system to work.

Our products are highly appreciated by customers from quality, service to price. Currently, we are a major partner supplying transformers for many large industrial parks in the North such as: Khai Quang, Que Vo, Tien Son, VSIP, Yen Binh, An Xa, Dai An… Litanda pressure is considered as the most important equipment. And almost mandatory to use for companies, factories, enterprises.

Outstanding Features Of The 3 Phase Litanda 50KVA Transformer.

  • Industrial design, solid, neat.
  • Made from high quality powder coated steel.
  • Protection against overvoltage, overload, active power on and off during working.
  • There is a 220V anti-scalding relay, ensuring the safety of domestic equipment.
  • Lined with insulating paper between layers of winding wire, reducing short-circuit and electric fire.
  • It can be used just by connecting directly to the electrical appliance.
  • The machine runs light, smooth, and does not cause noise and discomfort to the user.
  • Mainly used for electrical – electronic equipment originating from Japan, USA…

The Litanda 3 Phase 50KVA Transformer only has the function of changing the source, without the voltage stabilization feature. Therefore, we recommend that customers who want to use a device with integrated both power conversion and voltage stabilization, use a 3-phase Litanda voltage stabilizer, with a price difference not much compared to a transformer, in much more optimized.

NEW Litanda 50KVA 3 Phase Auto Transformer.

Specifications of Litanda Autotransformer 50KVA 3 Phase.

  • Material: 100% copper wire
  • Input voltage 380V 3 phase
  • Output voltage: 220V/200V 3 phase
  • Frequency: 49 to 62 HZ
  • Capacity from 500VA to 50KVA
  • Ambient Temperature: -5 Degree Celsius to +40 Degree Celsius
  • Design: Industrial design
  • Insulation strength: Greater than 3M at DC voltage 500V
  • Electrical endurance: Tested at 2000V within 60 Minutes OK

Price Of Litanda Auto Transformer 50KVA 3 Phase.

We are proud to be a supplier of high quality genuine transformers! Our commitment is that the cheapest price in the market today is not cheaper. Unless you buy a fake fake, or a cheaper used machine!

Litanda 50KVA 3-phase autotransformer is manufactured on advanced technological lines. Strict quality control, experienced technicians and KCS team!

The machine is committed to 100% copper wire, for good performance, high durability! The product warranty period is up to 4 years. Currently, our 50KVA Litanda autotransformer is priced at VND  19,000,000 discounted. Price does not include VAT.

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Please watch the video of the 3 phase Litanda 50KVA autotransformer:

The Place To Sell The Litanda Autotransformer In Hanoi.

Litanda Vietnam Joint Stock Company is currently one of the leading manufacturers of voltage stabilizers and transformers in Vietnam. Products of Litanda Vietnam are highly appreciated by customers for both quality and price.

The company is a major partner supplying voltage stabilizers and transformers for many large industrial zones in the North such as Khai Quang, Que Vo, Tien Son, VSIP, Yen Binh, An Xa, Dai An…

We always wish to open a wide dealer network across the country. With the aim of helping customers easily access quality products.

Reasons to Choose Products Litanda Vietnam.

⭐️100% copper wire✅ The product is manufactured with 100% copper wire, with high durability, quiet running, and energy saving.
⭐️ Genuine commitment ✅ Genuine, 100% new, original belt. Do not sell fake, imitation goods, poor quality goods.
⭐️ Careful warrantye✅ 4-year warranty, renewal in the first 1 year.
⭐️ Installation Support✅ Support for installation with large capacity machines ☞ Receive tenders for large projects at home and abroad.
⭐️ Nationwide shipping✅ Free shipping nationwide, receive goods first, pay later.
️⭐️ Made to order✅ Produce other machine models according to requirements.

For advice, support and order, please contact the address below:

Litanda Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

No. 629 Phuc Dien – Nam Tu Liem – Hanoi.

No. 629 Truong Trinh – Tan Phu – City. Ho Chi Minh.

Hotline: 0969.203.203.



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